For Readers – The Benefits of Amazon Prime

I joined Amazon Prime through their student program. They did, and still do, offer a special student membership that’s free to start out. If you’re currently a student, I definitely recommend checking that out. My Prime membership is now a full Prime membership, and yet I’m still getting a discount because I’m a grad student.

Regular Amazon Prime membership does sound a bit pricey, and I know many people will waffle on “will I use it enough to justify it?” So here’s some things to keep in mind when you’re running up the tally of pros and cons in your head. (Note: When I say ‘free’ below, it means ‘no additional cost’, because you are paying for the membership.)

A hazard of Prime membership.


* Free 2-day shipping. In some places, it’s even faster than that. That means you can just drop one item in your cart, order it, then decide 10 minutes later that you wanted something else. New order! Amazon recently raised its free shipping threshold for non-Prime customers to $35. That means whenever you place an order, you’re scrambling for that extra book or two to push you up to $35. With Prime, you […]

My First Deposit from Amazon KDP

Imagine if you will, the equivalent of a restaurant or a bookstore framing their first ever dollar they made.         When I gave Amazon my bank account info and it triggered a payment to me (rather than waiting for the check threshold, which is 10x higher), it turned it into real money. Real money that’s mine. Did I mention? Money!         This deposit is solely from my trivia book and still doesn’t cover what I paid for the, er, cover. (The cover was inexpensive, btw, and TOTALLY worth it.) The trivia book was my first book on Amazon and it’s very much a learning experience. I’m still using it to test things out. For example, the new Kindle Countdown Deals program.

I look forward to that Amazon kitteh giving me more money in the future. :D

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For Readers – How to Leave a Review on Amazon

It’s pretty easy to leave a review on Amazon, but some people have never done it before. If you’re one of those people, here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it.

Before You Get Started

You will need an account with Amazon. It’s free to create one. You don’t need to tie it to a credit card.

I was surprised to see this question asked in the comments section of a blog. “I received this book as a gift, can I still review it on Amazon?” Absolutely you can. You don’t need to have bought the book on Amazon to leave a review of it there. Maybe you bought it elsewhere, maybe it was a gift, maybe you borrowed it from the library. It doesn’t matter. If you read it, you can certainly review it. And I encourage you to!

How to Leave a Review

Step 1

Find your way to the book you want to review. The fastest way is probably to type the title into the search bar.

If you scroll down the page to the customer reviews, you’ll see this:

Just click the button that says “Write a customer review”.

If instead, at the top […]

Is Amazon’s KDP Select Worth It?

What is KDP Select?

After you’ve published your ebook via Amazon, you’ll have the option to enroll it in KDP Select. Basically, in exchange for granting Amazon exclusive ebook rights for 3 months (or more), you get additional benefits.

What does exclusive mean?

It means you won’t make the ebook available for sale anywhere else. The only place to get it is through Amazon. That means if you’ve already published it through Smashwords or you’ve made it available on your own website or blog, you have to remove it before you enroll. They’ll check.

Again, this is only for 3 months. So if it’s not working out like you’d hoped, you can remove it from KDP Select and sell it through whatever other methods you’d like.

What’s the benefit of enrolling in KDP Select?

* You get 70% royalty on more non-US sales, rather than 35%.

* You can offer EITHER a free promotion for a short period of time (“Free Book Promotion”) OR a discount promotion for a short period of time (“Kindle Countdown Deals”).

* Your book is available in the “Kindle Lending Library”. Amazon Prime members who own a Kindle can borrow your book for free. […]