My Kindle Countdown Deal Epic Fail

Over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, I offered The Flaming Geeks Book of Geeky Trivia for .99 on an Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal. I didn’t have tiers, so it was 99 cents the whole time until it went back up to the list price of $2.99.

As I did when I offered it as a Free Book Promotion, I only marketed it by sharing it on my personal Facebook page. I did this a couple of times during the promotion.

The results:

Free Book Promotion – ~150 free downloads (no money for me), followed up with ~5 sales immediately after the promotion ended (yay money). Plus it netted me my first review (yay review!).

Kindle Countdown Deal – no downloads, no sales, no new reviews

Why didn’t it work?

Reason #0 – I need to do more marketing in general. But that was true of both cases.

Reason #1 – Everyone who follows me on Facebook who wanted it already had it.

Reason #2 – Kindle Countdown Deals is new — I thought that might help, because there wouldn’t be many books in there trying it out. However, it could be that being new also meant that people didn’t know […]

Geeky Trivia – Kindle Countdown Deals

Just throwing y’all a heads-up that The Flaming Geeks Book of Geeky Trivia will be a Kindle Countdown Deal starting this Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving). It shall nicely encompass Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

And if this URL continues to work, it should also show up on this Kindle Countdown Deal category list.

My First Deposit from Amazon KDP

Imagine if you will, the equivalent of a restaurant or a bookstore framing their first ever dollar they made.         When I gave Amazon my bank account info and it triggered a payment to me (rather than waiting for the check threshold, which is 10x higher), it turned it into real money. Real money that’s mine. Did I mention? Money!         This deposit is solely from my trivia book and still doesn’t cover what I paid for the, er, cover. (The cover was inexpensive, btw, and TOTALLY worth it.) The trivia book was my first book on Amazon and it’s very much a learning experience. I’m still using it to test things out. For example, the new Kindle Countdown Deals program.

I look forward to that Amazon kitteh giving me more money in the future. :D

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