My First Deposit from Amazon KDP

Imagine if you will, the equivalent of a restaurant or a bookstore framing their first ever dollar they made.
screen cap of amazon payment in my account
When I gave Amazon my bank account info and it triggered a payment to me (rather than waiting for the check threshold, which is 10x higher), it turned it into real money. Real money that’s mine. Did I mention? Money!
Amazon kitteh sez, U can haz moneh! (cat passing over a 20$ bill)
This deposit is solely from my trivia book and still doesn’t cover what I paid for the, er, cover. (The cover was inexpensive, btw, and TOTALLY worth it.) The trivia book was my first book on Amazon and it’s very much a learning experience. I’m still using it to test things out. For example, the new Kindle Countdown Deals program.

I look forward to that Amazon kitteh giving me more money in the future. :D

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