My Favorite Indie Publishing Podcasts

I’ve turned into a bit of a podcast junkie. I never really thought audio was a medium that I was good at consuming content in, but it turns out I just needed a bit of practice. And it was fun practice — including Welcome to Night Vale and Thrilling Adventure Hour.

The podcast I really got started with is Galactic Suburbia. That’s an Australian feminist sf/f chat show. Not strictly related to the topic, but it deserves mention as my gateway podcast. And it’s still the one I look forward to most every fortnight.

Here’s the indie publishing ones, in no particular order:

Author Strong Podcast

Mat Morris and Nancy Elliott have two unique things going on in this podcast. Nancy is new to indie publishing, and Mat is a more experienced hand. So they have a mentor relationship that plays out in the different episodes to a greater or larger extent. Sometimes Nancy is asking questions that you, the listener, want to know the answer to. The other thing they do differently is there’s a new ~20 minute episode posted every day. You can get a daily dose, or you can save them up to binge-listen. They do interviews, […]