Mistake Made, Lesson Learned – Set a Site Description!

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As you may know, this site is running on WordPress. I had installed a plugin that was new to me, All in One SEO, which is supposed to help your search engine ranking. It does a lot of stuff automatically, but also gives you fine-tuned control over things like keywords.

My site shows up in Google now if you search for “juliet rich” — not that a lot of people are doing that just yet! — however, it was showing for a description the first sentence of my most recent post. Well, that’s not terribly helpful! It talks about Amazon Prime, which is only tangentially relevant to the site as a whole.

So I just went into the All in One SEO settings and set a site description. It’s a variation on my ‘About’ text.

I hope that will show searchers something a little more succinct and relevant to them than the start-of-a-post ramblings that they’ll see now.

So those of you with sites, I have made the mistake and learned the lesson for you as well as myself.