My Favorite Indie Publishing Podcasts

I’ve turned into a bit of a podcast junkie. I never really thought audio was a medium that I was good at consuming content in, but it turns out I just needed a bit of practice. And it was fun practice — including Welcome to Night Vale and Thrilling Adventure Hour.

The podcast I really got started with is Galactic Suburbia. That’s an Australian feminist sf/f chat show. Not strictly related to the topic, but it deserves mention as my gateway podcast. And it’s still the one I look forward to most every fortnight.

Here’s the indie publishing ones, in no particular order:

Author Strong Podcast

Mat Morris and Nancy Elliott have two unique things going on in this podcast. Nancy is new to indie publishing, and Mat is a more experienced hand. So they have a mentor relationship that plays out in the different episodes to a greater or larger extent. Sometimes Nancy is asking questions that you, the listener, want to know the answer to. The other thing they do differently is there’s a new ~20 minute episode posted every day. You can get a daily dose, or you can save them up to binge-listen. They do interviews, live shows, and one-on-one episodes where they discuss their goals.

My favorite episodes were the ones with editor Alida Winternheimer. Here’s Part 1 and here’s the first episode of her live coaching session with Nancy. I’m pretty sure those episodes have made lots of writers more comfortable with the idea of hiring and working with an editor.

The Self-Publishing Podcast

Probably the first publishing podcast I listened to, but to be honest, I haven’t listened to them in awhile. I’m probably missing out on some great content. This podcast is a trio of Sean Platt, David Wright, and Johnny B. Truant. Between the three of them, they have published a LOT in many different genres. They also really know about collaboration. They’re well worth a listen to. They also do interviews. They do use colorful language. This is not a podcast to listen to while you’re driving the kids to daycare.

Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

Simon Whistler is a solo act (on air at least) and a great interviewer. I discovered him through The SPP and discovered Author Strong through him, so it’s all a giant web. He posts every week, though occasionally he’ll rerun an episode. If the thought of 4 people talking on a podcast at the same time is overwhelming to you, then I recommend this one.

I know there are other podcasts out there, some I’ve sampled and some I haven’t. What podcasts would you recommend?

I’ve Added a Store – Great Ebook Resources

You may have noticed I just added an Amazon Store (astore) to the site. It was mostly as a test, to figure out how that sort of thing worked. But it was also to give you an easy list of books I recommend. These are books about the indie publishing business. How to write your book, how to write it faster, how to edit it, how to spiffy up the packaging, and things like that. To be honest, most of the books I put up there are books I only read because I listened to their authors on a podcast. I’ll do a podcast post soon.

I plan to add a few other things to the store, such as a non-book section. I want to share my favorite writing implements, and put up things like book display materials.

For now, check it out. One interesting quirk I’ve already noticed is that some of them added as the print version, so you can add them to the shopping cart. Others only added as the Kindle version, and you can’t put those in the shopping cart. So, use the cart or not, doesn’t matter. You can just follow the links and add them to your wishlist, to eReaderIQ or whatever.

Do you have any indie publishing books you recommend? What about favorite pens? Let me know in the comments. Once I have enough suggestions, I’ll add another page to the store of blog reader recommendations.

Thanks for reading!

Oh yes, here’s a link to the store!