Introduction to the Site

Hi, and welcome to the site!

I created this site to help people write, publish, and sell their ebooks. I’m in the fairly early stages of doing this myself, so I’ll be sharing what I know so far, what I’ve learned along the way, and what I continue to learn and discover going forward.

Why Ebooks?

It’s really so simple to publish an ebook and make it available to the world. It can be fast, especially as you gain practice. It can be free, depending on how much of the work you want to do yourself.

That said, I will also be talking about the process of creating print books. I have discovered so far that that is not as fast, though still quite inexpensive.

What Are You Going to Talk About?

Oh, all sorts of things! Here’s just a few:

* Coming up with ideas of what to write about.
* How to research the market before you write.
* Methods of writing a nonfiction book that involve less writing than you think.
* Formatting for Smashwords, formatting for Kindle, formatting for CreateSpace.
* Covers, covers, covers.
* How to outsource your cover design, formatting, or other things you don’t want to do yourself.
* The benefits and drawbacks of Amazon’s KDP Select.
* How to make good use of those free promotion days.
* How to get reviews and why they’re important.
* Categories, keywords, blurbs, oh my!
* A lot more. Like, seriously, a LOT more…

Anything Else?

Yes, actually. I’ll also be posting about this site from time to time. One of the big things as an author you might want to do is create a site of your own, so I’ll share the tools I’m using and any problems I’ve run into. Topics are sure to include WordPress, graphics, analytics, and code, code, code. Actually, the whole point of using WordPress and various plugins is to avoid the coding, but read that as a spoiler warning — I may get technical at times. As with anything, take what you can use, and leave the rest for later.

Where Do I Start?

Hey, you can’t go wrong buying my books. They’re over there in the sidebar.

Or you can start here.

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